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Stretch Tactical Camo Wrap

tactical camo wrap

This Tactical Camo Wrap is ideal for covering rifles and spotting scopes. Same type material and concept as athletic wrap, it only sticks to itself and leaves no residue on the weapon when removed. Soft flexible and quiet, and you can change the camo pattern in miniutes to suit the envioment you will be hunting in.

• Leaves no sticky residue when removed and it only sticks to itself.
• Ideal for covering all rifles, shotguns and spotting scopes etc.
• Great camouflage concealment, and noise dampening.
• Reusable, and improves grip.
• Material: Similar to soft athletic wrap.
• Adjusts to variable contours like rifle scopes and stocks.

Available in the following colors, left to right:
Woodland, digital desert, digital woodland and digital sage


Approximate size 8' long x 2" wide

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